About the relationship with
CJPaws and Whisker’s Workspace

CJPaws and Whisker’s Workspace have come together to create a space like no other. We did this by establishing a permanent space at the Whisker’s Workspace co-working environment. Together, we have developed a large room within Whisker’s Workspace that we call the Cat Lounge. This Lounge allows us to showcase the joys of feline companionship and demonstrate to a diverse group of professional adults the mutually beneficial aspects of feline interactions. At the heart of our collaboration is our dedication to providing adoptable cats, ensuring they are healthy, happy, and ready to mingle with the guests in the Cat Lounge. These resident cats not only receive the best care but are also available for adoption, helping us further our community rooted in love and support for animals.

Benefits for Whisker's Workspace

Benefits for CJPaws

In short, this partnership not only amplifies our noble cause, we are also able to enhance the charm and functionality of Whisker's Workspace. We proudly work together to create a haven where work, relaxation, and the joy of pet companionship seamlessly converge.