Driven by compassion and rooted in community, CJPaws, Inc. is a volunteer and donation-led non-profit cat rescue nestled in St. Petersburg, Florida. Our story originated with Zoe, a resilient kitten who inspired our founder to extend a compassionate hand to the broader animal world.

At CJPaws, our focus lies in rescuing, fostering, and rehoming cats, all facilitated by our dedicated volunteers and supported by generous donations. Beyond animal welfare, we actively cultivate community connections. Operating in collaboration with local businesses and corporate partners, we aim to create an environment where our animals find loving homes, and our business partners thrive.

Our mission is clear: strengthening the bond between people and pets, one cat at a time.

Helping Our Community

CJPaws, Inc. is committed to helping animals in our community, whether they have been abandoned by their previous owners and are living as strays on the streets, or their owners can no longer care for them and need to surrender them. We mainly focus on cats but sometimes have room in our foster homes for small animals as well. We partner with local businesses to help bring new customers to their shops by setting up adoption events and drawing in clients that may not have otherwise visited. CJPaws is dedicated to helping small businesses grow and thrive in this changing economy. If you know of a local business that is interested in partnering with CJPaws (it doesn't have to be a pet store; any local business is welcome), please contact us. We would love to help drive business and sales by directing our adopters to those locations, in exchange for allowing us to leave business cards and occasional flyers for distribution.

Our Team

Our team is composed entirely of volunteers who work full time, have families, and take care of pets of their own. Their dedication to animals and their desire to save lives drives them each and every day to carry on with CJPaws' rescue efforts, despite the daily challenges and demands of their personal and professional lives.
  • Diane - Board Member/ President
  • Michelle - Board Member/ Vice President
  • Britton- Board Member/ Secretary
  • Silvia - Board Member

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We are 100% run by volunteers with full time jobs, families, and pets of our own. Please be patient and respectful of our time. We have no physical location, but cats are available to view by appointment in foster homes.